About Us

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The Florida Deer Association (FLDA) is the #1 advocate group for the proliferation of Whitetail Deer in the State of Florida. Members all share a common love and respect for the outdoors and value the experience wildlife brings to us, our families, and future generations. We represent both Hunters and Breeders to ensure there will always be a lasting heritage of whitetail deer for us to enjoy.

 The FLDA is dedicated to research and public education to improve the health and availability of Florida’s deer population. The sharing of knowledge has already made great contributions towards better management techniques and breeding practices resulting in larger and healthier deer in every region of the state. The FLDA is a powerful, unified voice committed to working with state agencies and the general hunting public to shape legislation for the betterment of all outdoor sportsmen and the hunting & breeding industries in Florida. We create awareness of critical issues that affect the future of whitetails in the state and make a positive difference.

 As a member, we value your knowledge, your experience and anything you can share with other members to improve the efforts of the FLDA and you will find other members eager to share their experiences as well. Whether it is a question about immunization or deer genetics, hunting techniques or food plots, or just how to repair the knuckle on your bush hog, you will find our friendly community of members a wonderful resource.