Code of Ethics

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To enhance and promote the sport of hunting game animals and in particular, big game species, within the State of Florida while maintaining a safe and responsible hunting environment by providing high standards of legal and ethical conduct to promote the responsible management of public and private hunting properties and to communicate the code of these ethics to the State Legislature, its Agencies and the general public.


To provide the hunter with a positive and safe hunting experience while ensuring the welfare of the animal.

As membership in the FLDA is by invitation and/or approved application only.


The FLDA expects it’s general Membership to:

  • Be held to high and ethical standards of deer management, whether in farming, ranching or hunting and to proudly represent the Association and its members through word and deed, wherever they may go.
  • Implicitly follow and obey the rules and regulations of the State of Florida as they pertain to the management and hunting of deer.
  • Deal with one another in a fair, honest and ethical manner when conducting business with one another and always represent themselves, their products and services in an accurate, reputable and ethical manner.
  • Continually seek to improve the image and awareness of deer management and hunting through public education.
  • Remember that we are but stewards of the heritage and sport of deer hunting, preserving it for posterity’s sake and endeavoring to leave that which was placed in our charge in better condition than it was when we inherited it from our forefathers.
  • Never permit their personal interests to conflict, or appear to conflict, with the interests of the FLDA, its members or affiliates.

Violation of this Code of Ethics can result in disciplinary action, including possible termination from the Association. The degree of discipline relates in part to whether there was a voluntary disclosure of any ethical violation and whether or not the violator cooperated in any subsequent investigation.