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By becoming a member of the Florida Deer Association (FLDA), you are making a difference in improving the quality of deer in the State of Florida and ensuring the health and longevity of this precious resource for today and for the future. Each and every member is a valued asset of the FLDA and adds to our collective power to create favorable legislation to increase quality deer herds, maintain & protect proper habitats and improve the hunting experience in Florida. The FLDA is founded in the proud traditions of outdoor enthusiasts that shaped this great state and strives to educate wise & proven management practices to it’s members and the general public. Whether you are a hunter, breeder, game preserve operator, veterinarian, industry professional or just someone who loves the outdoors, the FLDA would like to welcome you to our friendly family of passionate outdoorsmen.

The FLDA is founded in the proud traditions of the outdoor enthusiasts who shaped this great state and we strive to better educate our membership and the general public in wise and proven methods of game management which shall benefit the wildlife of Florida.

There are several categories of membership which will help us to better utilize our membership resources to partner with other groups with shared interests for the common good. These categories include Game Farms. Hunting Preserves, Manufacturers and Dealers of Game Feed and Hunting Supplies, Veterinarians, Land owners and leaseholders, Hunting Club Managers, Hunters and Photographers, and enrolled Students under the age of 21 years. General Membership dues are $75 per year and a Sportsman (Hunters & Photographers) Membership is $20. Only a General Membership has voting privileges, but we shall enthusiastically represent the entirety of our membership.

When you fill out the membership form, please fill in all that applies to you. This will assist us in knowing the scope of your needs and concerns so that we can better serve and represent you. Sign up today!

General $75    Sportsman $20